LG SN11RG Test

LG SN11RG Test

Inneholder lenker til annonsører

I vår test av lydplanken LG SN11RG har vi hentet ut ekspertvurderinger fra flere tiltrodde aktører, som har vektlagt blant annet ytelse, brukervennlighet, tilkoblingsmuligheter – og ikke minst, lydkvalitet!

Ved å handle gjennom våre lenker bidrar du til at vi kan fortsette med det gode arbeidet - for deg, som forbruker.
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7.7 / 10

LG SN11RG Test

Beskrivelse: Lydplanken LG SN11RG har jevnt over mottatt svært gode tilbakemeldinger fra testerne.
Testerne er først og fremst imponerte over den svært tydelige dialog-gjengivelsen, som fungerer perfekt til både film og TV.

Ulikt svært mange andre lydplanker leveres LG SN11RG med både en trådløs subwoofer, samt 2 trådløse bakhøyttalere - slik at du virkelig kan nyte ekte surround-lyd hjemme i din egen stue.
Selve lydkvaliteten er det også lite å utsette på, og så godt som alle testerne er fornøyde med det brede lydbildet som tilbys - samtidig som bassen virkelig har god trykk.

Med LG SN11RG har du mange tilkoblingsmuligheter, og du kan enkelt streame musikk via Bluetooth.
Dersom du allerede er i gang med å sette opp ulike smart home-løsninger, trekker vi også frem at LG SN11RG kan integreres opp mot Google Home.

Utover dette er LG SN11RG også utstyrt med en innebygd chromecast, samt støtte for multiroom-løsning.

De negative tilbakemeldingene går i all hovedsak på den relativt stive prisen, og enkelte har rapportert om at selve lydplanken fysisk sett er litt for stor.

10 / 10

"The LG SN11RG is an excellent soundbar for anyone who wants the full Dolby Atmos/DTS:X experience, complete with height, rear and side effects. The sensitivity and power of its rear/height speakers is particularly impressive, proving how important such speakers are to a proper Dolby Atmos/DTS:X experience. The SN11RG is way more powerful overall than any built-in TV sound system, too. In fact, it’s arguably the first true rival for the previously all-conquering 7.1.4-channel Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar system in this area. You really will need to have a 65-inch TV or bigger, but if your aim is to get the truly cinematic surround feeling in your home without adding way more boxes to the room, it's superb."

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9.0 / 10

"The ‘full’ Dolby Atmos soundbar scene (rear and height speakers) has up to now been dominated by Samsung’s flagship models, as currently represented by 2019’s HW-Q90R. LG’s SN11RG, however, has the room-filling power, dynamism and object-based precision to finally provide a worthy challenge to the standard set by its South Korean rival. At £1,499 the SN11RG is not cheap. In fact, you could potentially put together a pretty effective separates-based audio package for that sort of money. No separates system, though, will give you the space-saving elegance of the SN11RG’s main soundbar, or the simplicity and tidiness of the SN11RG system’s wireless connectivity."

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9.0 / 10

"The LG SN11RG is an outstanding soundbar. It produces a huge, detailed sound stage which even includes convincing height effects when listening to Dolby Atmos music and movies. You could potentially cobble together a decent sound system for similar money - but the SN11RG combines its serious performance with easy set up and a space-saving design."

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7.9 / 10

"The LG SN11RG is good for dialogue and TV shows. Although it has a boomy sound profile, it can reproduce accurate and clear voices, making it suitable for podcasts and audiobooks as well. It can get loud enough to fill a large room or a crowded environment, and there's also a dialogue enhancement feature to better improve vocal clarity. You can even stream audio to it using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Chromecast built-in, which is nice."

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7.7 / 10

"Sound quality isn’t quite five stars across the board, but it’s pretty close. Our listening panel enjoyed the strong drive, energy and detail in the audio. We found speech clear and engaging, helping to draw you into TV dramas and films. Bass is strong but seems to lose some vibrancy with music, so tracks can sound quite thin. Another issue we found in testing with Atmos mode was a vibration occurring in the subwoofer that led to lots of rumbling sound, particularly for anyone sitting directly in front of the sub. It’s not bad enough to be a fault, but is noticeable and a touch off-putting on some content, such as blockbuster action films. "

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7.0 / 10

"The LG SN11RG packs cinematic performance into the footprint of a soundbar, but it comes at the hefty price of a complete home theater package."

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4.0 / 10

"This soundbar requires a lot of investment and offers precious little in return. It does well in terms of features, but that can’t make up for its struggles with sound. While LG has taken care to make a sizeable Dolby Atmos soundscape, this soundbar lacks the ability to create an authentic sense of place or generate any real excitement. That wouldn’t be good enough at any price, but it’s pretty disastrous at such a high one as this."

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